2023: The work that won

No Two Alike – Winner at the German Brand Awards

Alpian, Switzerland’s first digital private bank, offers personalized wealth management tailored to each client’s unique needs, values and ambitions. The ‘No Two Alike’ campaign explores the outer similarities of real twins and digs deeper to uncover their contrasting attitudes towards money and wealth – demonstrating that when it comes to wealth, everyone’s different, even those who look alike. The campaign went live through multiple touchpoints in Switzerland, including OOH, DOOH, TV and digital channels.

It picked up a ‘Winner’ at the German Brand Awards 2023.

Alpian – Disrupting the banking world

Alpian is the first digital private bank in Switzerland. Customers can use the Alpian app to develop and implement an investment strategy tailored to their needs with competent investment advisors. Since the human component is at the heart of the digital service, Alpian can offer private banking cost-effectively across the industry. Alpian was launched in Switzerland with the ‘No Two Alike’ campaign, which shows that everyone has an individual attitude towards money – even twins.

It picked up a ‘Special Mention’ at the German Brand Awards 2023.

i-vest – Our first content platform to win a German Brand Award

Alpian is the first Swiss digital private bank. Born from Alpian’s vision to decode wealth, the i-vest content platform connects the world of money to the values & interests of a new generation. Through interviews, articles, social media, infographics & even AI avatars, i-vest offers new insights into wealth, & explores how money affects sustainability, wellness, entrepreneurship and more. By making financial education relevant & jargon-free, i-vest became a powerful lead-generation tool for Alpian, even before it launched as a bank.

It picked up a ‘Special Mention’ at the German Brand Awards 2023.


The Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar’s amazing immersive sound can’t simply be described. It needs to be demonstrated. The idea? To create the world’s best testimonials from the world’s most demanding listeners – wild animals. The film captures how each animal reacts to immersive sound from the soundbar in their own unique way. From subtle details to big moments that would have been impossible to fabricate. Most importantly, the film demonstrates the immersive power of the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar in a wildly unexpected way.

The campaign picked up 5 ADC Awards in Switzerland and Germany, won an EDI Gold for branded content, was shortlisted at the AICP awards and was a finalist at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards.

AXPO – Winning at the German Design Award and the German Brand Award

As Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy & an international pioneer in energy trading & marketing, Axpo reached out to Foundry Berlin to align the brand’s identity with its new brand strategy. Foundry’s approach centred on the diverse sources of energy that work together to make Axpo’s vision of an innovative & sustainable future a reality.

The Flow of Energy articulated this idea & became the base for Axpo’s new identity. Vibrant & futuristic, the identity rolled out worldwide & emphasised their optimistic spirit in an increasingly disruptive, customer-centric & climate-conscious world.

Along with a newly shaped communication strategy, a communication platform called ‘The Power of Axpo’ was released to showcase the vibrant new identity.

The work was awarded ‘Winner’ at the German Brand Awards and picked up a ‘Special Mention’ at the German Design Awards.