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Winning different: Behind Foundry’s success at the German Brand Awards 2022

The prestigious German Brand Awards ’22 gave FOUNDRY a reason to celebrate for a fifth consecutive year. What made this time extra special was that the victories came in four different categories, and with four very different client partners.

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Cetaphil, Aveato, EGO Movement and Startpage

After winning at the German Brand Awards four times in a row, some might think that the feeling of victory dissipates. But if you ask FOUNDRY that couldn’t be further from the truth. For us, winning never gets old. Because every victory brings with it new meaning. This year, we set out to prove that impactful creative work can come in all shapes and sizes. So, while we haul at the German Brand Awards ’22 marks the fifth consecutive year of success, it’s HOW we won that makes it extra special.

This year, we won for a digital storytelling campaign for skincare brand, Cetaphil. For rebranding Aveato, a business caterer. For leading brand strategy and creation for EGO Movement, a sustainable e-mobility start-up from Switzerland. And for creating an ambient media and outdoor campaign for Startpage, the safest search engine in the world.

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Sacha Moser our founder and CEO adds, “Four very different brands. Four very different directions. But two things in common. Their ambition and their trust in our diverse creative talent. We are grateful for such client partners and look forward to more such collaborations – and several more German Brand Awards – in the years to come.”

Another aspect that makes this year’s victory special is the global nature of the clients and the growing Foundry team. Sacha adds, “The FOUNDRY team is spread across Berlin, Zurich and New York, with international production partners. Our clients are equally global, if not more. To succeed at the highest level, it’s important to create a culture of collaboration, no matter the location. I’d like to thank our entire team, our production partners, and clients for working across time zones to create exceptional work.”

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About the German Brand Award

The German Brand Award is being presented for the seventh time this year. The competition presents the most innovative brand appearances and creative campaigns. The award was initiated by the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag. Today, it stands as one of the world’s leading centres of competence for communication and knowledge transfer in the field of design, brand and innovation.

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