We won GBA again!

Planted x FOUNDRY – From innovative product to winning brand

What is the mark of a breakthrough brand? Is it an innovative product? Clutter-breaking campaigns? Or is it a bagful of awards? For us and our client partner, Planted, the answer is clear – it’s all of the above.

Solving a Real Problem

This year at the German Brand Award, four of the top awards went to FOUNDRY and Planted. However, the categories we conquered are especially noteworthy, and provide an insight into why we swept one of Germany’s most prominent award competitions.
To start with, we earned the “Best of Best” award in the “Excellent Brands” category as “Most Sustainable Brand of the Year”. A clear indication of Planted’s success at producing pea protein-based meat substitutes that balance health and sustainability with authentic flavour.

Amplifying the Answer

However, an innovative product doesn’t guarantee success (remember the Zune? Exactly). That requires getting packs of Planted meat into the minds, shopping carts, tote bags and plates of hungry customers. Which we did.

With pun-filled packaging, use of vibrant colours, a joyfully defiant tone of voice and eyeball-grabbing campaigns, Planted came to possess what every brand ultimately seeks – a personality.

The German Brand Award agreed.

We won Gold in the category “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation, Brand Innovation & New business models” along with “Winner” in the categories “Excellent Brands, Fast Moving Consumer Goods” and “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation, Brand Impact of the Year“.

Growing a Movement

The one-two punch of an innovative product and stand-out communication has seen the energetic start-up grow leaps and bounds in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. At this point, expanding into new markets seems inevitable.

The jury’s statement reads: “Planted offers a sustainable and tasty alternative to animal meat with its products and has made this the core of its brand strategy. The result is outstanding communication – a credible presence full of enthusiasm that attracts a lot of attention and emotion with original ideas, innovative product placement and fresh design. With its sustainable approach, the brand even has the potential to increase the number of flexitarians beyond the vegan community. There are a lot of good ideas here that bring the brand to life.”

Sacha Moser, founder and CEO of adds, “The world is facing great challenges. And at the same time, humanity and its consumer behaviour are facing a profound change. Our client partner, Planted, has created a product that stands for more animal welfare, sustainability and health – and tastes great at the same time. We have supported Planted from the very beginning and helped in building this excellent brand. We are all the more delighted that our work for Planted has been recognised with four creative awards. This honours us immensely – and at the same time serves as an incentive for the future.”

The German Brand Award is being presented for the sixth time this year. The competition presents the most innovative brand appearances and creative campaigns. The award was initiated by the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag. Today, it stands as one of the world’s leading centres of competence for communication and knowledge transfer in the field of design, brand and innovation.