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Sennheiser: Premium launch with primal testimonials



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Tested and approved by wild animals.  

To deliver a bold new international campaign for SENNHEISER’S new range of AMBEO Soundbars, FOUNDRY and SENNHEISER took a walk on the wild side.

As expected from SENNHEISER’s engineering tradition, the AMBEO Soundbar is currently the most technically loaded 3D soundbar in the market. It’s a top performer that offers the most compelling 3D sound experience in its category.

Its latest and largest family member, the AMBEO Soundbar Max, delivers a surround sound experience and produces deep 30Hz bass without the need for an extra subwoofer. With advanced room calibration, it provides studio grade sound immersion and produces an unforgettable 3D experience.

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It’s a feeling that’s impossible to put into words.

So, how would you describe that exceptional listening experience to someone?

How can we show immersive sound?

The best way is, of course, to listen and experience the AMBEO Soundbar first hand. But not everyone has such an opportunity readily available.

It was important for us to convey the AMBEO listening experience in the most original and unbiased way possible. To do this, we set out to find the perfect testimonials. An insight emerged as the team thought about sound in their immediate surroundings.

“Our family cat, Louis, is very talkative. But he also shows incredible hearing capabilities every day – just stand by my fridge door as it silently opens, and you’ll see what I mean. This made us wonder – how would other animals react to truly immersive sound, would they find it as immersive as the real thing?”, our CEO Sacha remarks.

We went looking for the answers to these questions in Africa.

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Wild animals have incredible hearing. Not only have millions of years of evolution made them expert listeners, but their testimonials are also as honest as they get. For us, that made them the best judges of sound.

Our solution was simple but yet on point

And so, the concept of the campaign became clear quickly. At a wildlife sanctuary, we built a sound studio designed specifically for wild animals, capturing them with 360° spatial audio technology. The challenge was to create sounds that match the quality of the AMBEO Soundbars. To devise the experiment, we worked closely with the SENNHEISER team and were advised by animal welfare and animal communication experts. All to ensure that each animal partner received the best audio experience.

As the testimonial of animals cannot be scripted, the risk of a lukewarm reaction was always a possibility. But once the music began, the results were pretty ‘wild’ to say the least.

Right from the first test, we were awestruck. It wasn’t just the sheer beauty of the animals, but also the incredible sound booming from the SENNHEISER AMBEO soundbar. Each animal reacted differently to the music, as you can see in our spots.

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An incredible launch

The animals’ reactions to the SENNHEISER AMBEO Max were captured as films live on location in South Africa. The outcome was a fantastic launch campaign for TV and Social Media. Even though it was just freshly released, the campaign won the EDI award 22.

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“A project like this doesn’t happen by accident. It took months of planning and patience. A big thank you to our partners at Foundry and the entire production team. Animals react in ways that we humans often miss. Thanks to their attention to detail, we made sure that the films captured the pure, honest and unique responses of our animal experts. Most importantly, they helped us convey the immersive power of the AMBEO Soundbars in a way that has never been done before.”

Jessika Petrusch, Head of Content & Campaign at Sennheiser adds.

Below you can find an extended view behind the scenes.

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