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Fieke Says: Foundry treats interns as real employees (really!).

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About me

I’m Fieke Clinckemalie, 23 years old. I’m born in a small village called Koksijde in Belgium, close to the sea.
I studied Graphic design and Advertising in Gent, one of the bigger cities in Belgium. I also did two creative internships before Foundry.
I chose to go abroad because I wanted to go out of my comfort zone, to get to know this big creative city and culture of Berlin and to challenge my English.

What did I do during my internship?

I was part of the creative team. I created a lot of visuals, helped building brands by coming up with ideas, making a story, the meaning behind a brand and analysed decisions. At Foundry I was supervised by my mentor, she challenged me again and again. I learned a lot from her.

I worked on real client projects and was involved every step of the way. So I had the chance to see the whole creative process.
Pitching my ideas in the team, explain a concept, visualize the concept… I did it all. They always gave me constructive feedback and listened well. After a while, they gave me more responsibility.

But after two months…

…the corona virus started to spread, so I decided to go back to Belgium. I was glad I could continue my intership online. I was lucky because they met me and they knew what I was able to do. So I worked on a lot of project from home.

Home office is not the same. From day one at home office, Foundry started with morning tribe check-ins. So the connection was still strong while everyone was working from home.

Now, 6 months later, I’m still working for Foundry.
And I’m looking forward to the future!

foundry digital agency

What makes Foundry special?

  • International and talented team
  • The team is very close
  • The clients are start-ups, medium-sized enterprises and multinationals.
  • A lot of knowledge and experience in the creative industry.